Självtorkande 300 QUICK SF®

Stilleryd Golvspackel 300 SF Quick® is a pumpable, self-levelling underlay. The product is fiber-reinforced and fast curing.


Golvspackel 300 SF Quick® is intended for new production, renovation, and heated floor constructions. The product is used indoors on substrates of concrete, lightweight concrete, stone, ceramics, homogeneous PVC, wood, and floor fillers. The product is suitable to be coated with a surface layer, e.g., tiles, carpet or similar.

Why choose EPSCement®?

Tough reasons that speak for a lighter concrete!

  • Easy
  • Strong
  • Easy to diffuse
  • Pumpable
  • Moisture & Frostproof
  • Insulating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Fireproof
  • Sprayable
  • etc.