EPSCement’s environmental focus

EPSCement works in a targeted, systematic, and dedicated manner to ensure that all parts of our operations have as little environmental impact as possible. It is a responsibility that we owe to future generations, and something that we work with every day.



Product registration

As part of our quality and environmental work, we have registered our products with Byggvarubedömningen, BASTA and Sunda Hus. As an important part of their evaluation work, they review our safety data sheets, environmental and building product declarations.

We are also listed with Svanen.

In addition to that, our products are often used for buildings that must be certified according to Miljöbyggnad, LEED and BREEM.






Former REPA, now FTI is a consequence of "Producer responsibility" which was introduced by the government in 1994. To meet the new requirements, the business community came together and formed material companies, which over time came to be known as FTI – Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen (Packaging and newspaper collection). The material companies initially formed the service organization REPA, which would act as the joint financing company for a system for collection and recycling of plastic, paper/cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and metal packaging. REPA became part of FTI in 2007.

We hereby accept our full supplier responsibility - for the packaging material that we contribute to the market.

Non-dust-reduced products

We have made an active choice - not to reduce dust in our products!

When a product is dust-reduced, oil is added. This can create emissions in the final construction. We don't want to contribute to that! Therefore, we have chosen not to reduce dust in our products! We think that's good for the environment!


We constantly evaluate our own concrete pump truck transports, to get the most optimal transports possible, and thus minimize our environmental footprint.

For our external transport services, we have an ongoing dialogue with our freight forwarders, and continuously look at the possibilities of reducing our climate impact. We only work with domestic freight forwarders, who prioritize environmental work.

Why choose EPSCement®?

Tough reasons that speak for a lighter concrete!

  • Easy
  • Strong
  • Easy to diffuse
  • Pumpable
  • Moisture & Frostproof
  • Insulating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Fireproof
  • Sprayable
  • etc.