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Now also with its own floor filler with accessories, coarse and fine concrete.

EPSCement® make the construction easier and faster


  • Strong enough to meet most strength requirements
  • Can be coated after just 12 hours

EPSCement® is...

EPSCement® consist of cement and small air-filled particles of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), the world's most used building insulation material. The unique combination gives the material several superior properties compared to ordinary concrete.

EPSCement® is self-drying. All the water in the mixture is consumed during the cement curing. You can therefore apply grading or screeding after about 12 hours - to compare with 3-6 weeks for ordinary concrete (which never really gets dry).

You can easily repair any errors in the casting afterwards. Just saw off these parts and recast.

The air-filled EPS particles give the concrete very good heat insulating properties. No heat is lost downwards in the construction but is taken advantage of in the surface of the floor. In addition, the material reflects the heat radiation where the heat does the best - in the room!

EPSCement® is non-flammable and emits no gases when exposed to fire.

EPSCement® contains almost no moisture and can therefore neither rot nor mold. There is also nothing in the material that microorganisms can grow on and cause future problems. 

EPSCement® can be used for all types of floor constructions, where surfaces need to be filled up to complete floors. After coating with grading/screeding kit, EPSCement® provides floor surfaces strong enough to be covered with carpet, tiles, parquet, etc. Other areas of use are e.g., slab on ground, parking deck, heat-insulating outer roof with drop structure and wall plaster indoors/outdoors. 

EPSCement® is delivered in easy-to-handle 50-litre bags, weight 17 kg, or by concrete pump truck, directly at the work site.



EPSCement® in bags can be mixed with water in batch mixers and flow-through mixers as well as commonly used filler pumps, but also by hand with paddle mixer.





DELIVERY BY CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK - Directly to the work site

For larger laying and volumes, EPSCement® is delivered directly to the work site by a concrete pump truck. Our two concrete pump trucks cover deliveries throughout the country.

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Why choose EPSCement®?

Tough reasons that speak for a lighter concrete!

  • Easy
  • Strong
  • Easy to diffuse
  • Pumpable
  • Moisture & Frostproof
  • Insulating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Fireproof
  • Sprayable
  • etc.